A deep AF workshop
for any feminine longing to be met by
the penetrative gaze of the mature masculine

(even when youve been hurt)

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Sophie Josephina


intimacy & relationship coach, masculine/feminine expert,
coach for men & womxn



"You deserve to feel that the healthy masculine is everywhere, that you attract him easily & that you can call him into his power - all by embodying the nuances of the deep feminine"

This workshop includes

  • 2,5 hours of lightbulbs
  • Shamanic practice moving through resentment
  • 11 ways the feminine shows up in her shadow
  • 5 top tips for when you're single 
  • 6 keys to go even deeper into your feminine for when you're in relationship 
  • THE embodiment practice that will rewire you from attracting toxic men into calling in the healthy masculine with ease
  • 30 minute live QnA with Sophie


You will receive the codes how to drop deeper into your trusting sensual feminine as you open up & call in your King with ease

Over 1700+ souls have experienced this incredible workshop. Both masculine & feminine


You'll want to watch this more than once

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2,5 hour workshop

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About Sophie


Sophie Josephina is a sex & relating coach and masculine/feminine expert.

She leads programs for both the masculine and the feminine and because of that, has a unique understanding of what both sides desire & need to be called into power.

As an ex data scientist, she knows how to walk both worlds, walking the bridge between tantra and neuroscience, the masculine and the feminine, the dark and the light.

She leads deeply potent programs for men (the initiation), womxn (healing the masculine) and couples. She also hosts a podcast (Deeper with Sophie Josephina) where she has open and raw conversations with men on their challenge and desires in relating. @sophie.josephina or